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Origami Dripper Wooden Holder by PROLOG

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Designed and produced by the Korean brand PROLOG, this product is used to support the ORIGAMI filter cup. The two are seamlessly integrated, which not only increases the beauty, but also brings more stable extraction.

Manufactured through precise laser cutting, high-precision custom design, perfectly reproduces the unique twists and turns of the ORIGAMI filter bowl design, and finally can stably support the filter bowl. PROLOG wooden filter bowl holders increase water and heat resistance through the use of the highest quality wood finishes .

Product Details

  • Dimensions: D120 x H11mm

  • Compatible with ORIGAMI filter bowl S/M

  • Material: American Black Walnut; North American Maple

  • Manufactured in: Designed and Made in Korea

  • Specifications: Finished with Belgian Rubio Monocoat vegetable oil when hand sanding (the only VOC 0% Eurofins Gold certification in the world, Fit for Food certification)


This product is made from natural materials, you can expect variations in color and wood grain