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ESPRESSO filters are a range of filters designed to make filtered coffee in espresso machines, improving the extraction consistency and puck yield with greater cup clarity, achieving better cups.

The SOFT grade is an espresso filter that uses the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter. It provides soft filtration on the espresso shots for a cleaner cup with a light impact on the espresso machine settings and puck conditions.


The SIBARIST LAB label are the most innovative and experimental products that go one step beyond, pursuing excellence. The main purpose of SIBARIST LAB products is to let the community experiment, learn and get a better cup of coffee. Let’s develop the products of the future together!


Espresso machine Baskets, chose the filter diameter that fits your basket better.


FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology.

100% organic.

Manufactured with care in Barcelona.



The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours. Protect your cup! Packaging made using organic and compostable materials.


Find instructions here Place the filter inside the portafilter, below the coffee puck.


The filter grade is the composition and structure of the filter (material, pore characteristics and manufacturing process). Each grade provides different filtration characteristics, effects the hydraulic resistance and has its own properties. The target is to let the user experiment and explore different recipes and extraction conditions. This is why SIBARIST ESPRESSO filters offer different grade options “SIBARIST recommends that you read and follow the articles by Scott Rao and Jonathan Gagne. These articles and conversations have encouraged us to develop a range of espresso filters that came about thanks to their findings, their classes and the motivation that they have given us. Have a look at Scott’s blog at and Jonathan’s article published at ‘How a paper filter below an espresso puck affects hydraulic resistance’ as a guideline to understand how a filter affects espresso extraction (the article refers to paper filters, whereas SIBARIST offers different grades and materials).”