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Cuptimo Brewer

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Through the patented vacuum technology, the full coffee flavor is extracted while reducing the bitterness of the coffee.

Bei der Kaffeemaschine cuptimo wird durch eine Handpumpe Unterdruck bzw. Vakuum erzeugt durch welches der Kaffee beschleunigt durch den Filterkuchen gezogen wird. Dadurch wird der Kaffee gleichmäßiger extrahiert und Überexraktion vermieden.

Sustainability, compliance, Made in Germany

Current regulations in Germany and Europe ensure environmental protection and good working conditions. Cuptimo Considerable emphasis is placed on these and the health of the user. Cuptimo therefore chooses components very consciously, the most regional and established suppliers.

Here are the main stages of creating cuptimo and where the components come from:

Conception, development and design: Germany

Ceramic filter bowl: Germany

Plastic Base: Poland

Filter paper: Switzerland

Packaging material: Austria, Germany

Assembly, Quality Verification: Germany

Instructions for use

step 1

Insert the ceramic filter bowl into the plastic base to ensure a tight seal.

step 2

put filter paper

step 3

place cuptimo on top of a dish with flat, smooth edges

step 4

Rinse the filter paper with hot water while preheating the filter bowl to also ensure the filter paper adheres.

step 5

Pour off the rinse water and put the ground coffee in the filter cup.

It is recommended to add about 6 grams of coffee per 100 ml of water (the water-to-powder ratio is recommended to be 17:1), and to grind it finely (Comandante C40 grinding degree: 20 times).

step 6

Pour hot water, pay attention to the amount.

step 7

Let stand for half a minute to a minute after stirring gently in circular motion.

Step 8

The hand pump does not need to be connected until the end of brewing.

step 9

Extract the coffee through the pump.

NOTE: Sometimes it is necessary to lightly press the cuptimo onto the vessel manually from above in order to create an airtight connection between the base and the vessel. Once there is a certain vacuum in the cup, no additional pressure is needed.

Step 10

Release the vacuum by pressing the button on the pump, thereby separating the vessel and cuptimo.