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The world-class coffee shop under the "Sky Tree" - Unlimited Coffee Bar

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"UNLIMITED" literally means "unlimited" and "no limit", and there are infinite possibilities for specialty coffee.


UNLIMITED COFFEE ROASTERS only sells specialty coffee from a single origin. To taste great coffee, it starts with growing great coffee. Every coffee has its own personality and it is very important to maximize that personality. They only purchase the specialty coffee of the season (New Crop), design the best roasting curve according to each unique origin, and roast with the goal of bringing out the strong flavor of the coffee.

The two principals, Mr. Daichi Matsubara and Ms. Rena Hirai, founded "Unlimited Co., Ltd." in Tokyo in August 2012. The goal of the establishment at that time was to improve the skills of Japanese baristas. They only use specialty coffee with single origin, clear traceability and outstanding flavor for professional barista training and coffee seminars.

(The navy blue building is the Unlimited Coffee Bar )

In July 2015, they opened "Unlimited Coffee Bar" under the SKY TREE in Sumida District, Tokyo. Here you can convey the charm of their specialty coffee through their professionally trained professional baristas. Espresso coffee, pour over coffee, Aeropress coffee, cold brew coffee, etc. are available here, as well as a variety of original coffee cocktails that were pioneered in Japan at the time.


"Unlimited Coffee Bar" is a coffee shop that I will definitely visit every time I come to Tokyo. Apart from the fact that the coffee is delicious, I also have a good experience in the shop. When you drink by hand, the barista will introduce the characteristics of the coffee and the brewing method to you in detail. When you order a cup of coffee with milk, the barista will come to your seat to mix coffee and milk and latte art. Sitting at the Bar counter with a semi-circular countertop, you can watch the barista up close and at the same time act as a Bartender, making a cup of coffee cocktail for you professionally, seriously and full of ritual. It would be a pity to see everything during the competition, but their approach is to let every guest feel the operation of the competition process, which is a very good experience.

Mr. Daichi Matsubara is not only the referee of domestic coffee competitions in Japan for 10 consecutive years, but also the referee of the World Championships. Since 2011, he has been a judge of the World Barista Championship WBC (World Barista Championship). In 2013, he was selected as the first technical chief referee of the Asian finals at the WBC held in Melbourne. In 2015, he served as the first Japanese referee at the WBC final held in Seattle.

The other founder, Ms. Hirai Reina, has studied abroad in Italy, which has a strong coffee culture, for 10 years. After returning to China, he actively participated in coffee competitions. In 2001, he won the third place in the first All Japan Barista Competition (JBC). So far, he has 20 years of barista experience and 10 years of competition judging experience. Using her extensive experience, she is responsible for training professional baristas and responsible for roasting coffee.

(2016 JHDC champion Atsuta Sato)

Under the training of the two managers, their baristas have won different awards in major competitions at home and abroad.

2016 JCIGSC (Japanese Coffee Bartending Competition) No. 3 and No. 6

2016 JHDC (Japan Hand Punching Competition) champion

2016 JBC (Japan Barista Competition) 5th place

2016 JBrC (Japan Brewing Competition) No. 9

2017 JCIGSC (Japan Coffee Bartending Competition) 1st and 4th place

2017 WCIGSC (World Coffee Bartending Competition) No. 6

3rd and 5th in 2018 JCIGSC (Japanese Coffee Bartending Competition)

2019 JCIGSC (Japanese Coffee Bartending Competition) 6th

Among all the coffee shops in Tokyo, the first choice to recommend a coffee shop is definitely "Unlimited Coffee Bar". Friends who are not resistant to alcohol must sit at the Bar and enjoy their coffee mix!


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