Rockstar Kaffee Kalender

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1) Ojo de Agua - Mexico

White Grapes, Pomelo, Roasted Hazelnut

This coffee from Ojo de Agua came 26th in the Cup of Excellence, a stunning achievement that reflects the quality of this coffee. It's a washed

Marsellessa with a soft and clean profile that's juicy and well balanced.

2) Sonora Geisha Natural - Costa Rica

Mango, Passionfruit, Honey

The Sonora Geisha is a naturally processed coffee with intense tropical flavours, such as fruity mango and passion fruit, with lingering honey sweetness.

3) Los Cotuzos Geisha Natural - El Salvador

Green Apple, Hazelnut, Double Cream

We start our Rockstar calendar with an unusual Salvadoran coffee. This Geisha is unlike any other thanks to its natural processing and the terroir of El Salvador, meaning the floral notes typical to Geishas are more subdued. Grown at 1300 metres, it displays delicate notes of green apple, hazelnut and a moorish, creamy sweetness. 

4) Shantawene Anaerobic - Ethiopia

Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry

Shantawene Anaerobic is an extremely complex coffee. It has a rich and intense flavour profile thanks to the extended fermentation where the fructose content is boosted, developing the complex, sweet and exciting profile. We taste a caramel sweetness, tropical acidity and a rich, intense mouthfeel, with a complex and tropical finish.