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Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala - Variety Graden

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A box of 10 selected single varieties grown in the same soil, at the same altitude, in the same microclimate and they are all washed processed and patio dried. We’ve also roasted them to the same end degree. Eliminating all other factors, this package is a distillation of the impact varieties have on flavour. The box contains 10 jars of 45 g coffee with each variety clearly marked plus a detailed information sheet. That’s enough coffee that you can brew half a litre on your favourite brewer and still have enough to put up a cupping of all the varieties next to each other.

The varieties are: Pache, Pacamara, Maragogype, Maragopache, Geisha, Anacafe 14, Typica, Bourbon, San Ramon and Sarchimor.


是一家位於危地馬拉的咖啡莊園,以其高品質的咖啡豆而聞名。該莊園位於山區,擁有理想的氣候和土壤條件,使得其生產的咖啡豆具有獨特的風味和口感。該莊園注重可持續發展,並通過合作社模式與當地農民合作,提供他們技術指導和公平的價格。Finca Vista Hermosa的咖啡豆受到國際市場的青睞,並在全球范圍內享有盛譽。