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Diego Bermúdez Limited Edition Box

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The box contains:

Lime, Diego Bermúdez, Colombia

Castillo || Washed - Thermal Shock

Lime, grape, cardamom, jasmine, lemongrass.


Lychee, Diego Bermúdez, Colombia

Castillo || Washed - Thermal Shock

Lychee, raspberry, complex florals, magnolia, tropical.


Rose Tea, Diego Bermúdez, Colombia

Castillo || Washed - Thermal Shock

Tea rose, papaya, passion fruit, lime.

Roasted on 24th July 

For many of you, Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia will need no introduction. In recent years he has become one of the most famous names in Colombian coffee, and his lots are incredibly distinctive. He is responsible for some of the most memorable coffees we have tasted over the past few years, so it is a great pleasure to share this limited-edition box with you.

This time we are presenting you three coffees processed by Diego Bermudez that underwent a thermal shock during the processing period. Thermal shock is a technique to improve the taste and quality of coffee beans by first washing them with hot water, followed by a second wash with cold water, to eliminate any microorganisms.

This limited edition Diego Bermúdez Box celebrates the man himself, a true genius whose work is constantly filled with innovative ideas. Aside from him, his family shares a similar entrepreneurial, scientific and enthusiastic spirit that is reflected in the quality of their coffees. This exclusive box is the perfect gift for any coffee enthusiast, and it's sure to be a memorable one.