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Bambito Estate, Panama

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Tasting Notes

Coffee Flower / Apple / White Tea

Variety: Gesha

Processing: Washed

Roasted in Canada on 25 May

Style: Filter

Bambito Estate is a multigenerational farm in Volcan, Panama, now run by Priscilla Gonzalez. The farm is full of shade trees and multiple different facing slopes, giving the coffee plenty of shade for slow maturation of the cherries. Priscilla is constantly looking for new ways to improve the growing, processing, and drying. This dedication has paid off: In 2021 Bambito won first place in the Best of Panama Competition in the Washed Gesha Category–arguably one of the hardest categories to win. Priscilla’s washed coffees are always shining examples of the variety and the gesha exemplifies this fully. The washed gesha is bursting with white flowers and stone fruit. This is our fourth year purchasing from Priscilla and the coffee just keeps getting better!